China Cyclo Drive Motor Gearbox Cycloid Speed Reducer BWD2 cycloid gearbox with motor



Cycloidal gear reducer is a principle adopted K-H-V Planetary Gear less innovative gear. Its transmission process as follows : input shaft equipped with a 180-degree dislocation of the double eccentric sets, replaced with two eccentric turn as a roller bearing arm, the formation of H-, two cycloid round hole at the center shall uplink Eccentric Roller Bearings arm, which cycloidal gear needle round and meshing phase, comprising a difference of the teeth meshing with the gearbox.

Main Features
All planetary cycloidal reducer rotating device can be divided into three parts:input part,deceleration part and output part.Dislocation on the input shaft is equipped with a 180℃ of double eccentric sleeve,equipped with two ball bearings on the eccentric sleeve,the formation of H two cycloid gear center hole is the eccentric sleeve on the turning arm bearing raceway,and by a groud of cycloid gear and pin gear ring of gear meshing,less bad tooth meshing reduction mechanism to form,(in order to reduce friction,in small ratio of speed reducer,the needle with needle teeth on the gear set).
When the input shaft with eccentric sleeve rotation for a week,as a result of the cycloid gear tooth profile curve characteristics and restricted by needle on the gear teeth,the movement of the cycloid gear becoming both revolution and rotation of the plane movement,and input shaft are
made for a week,eccentric sleeve also turn the week,cycloid gear in the opposite direction around a big tooth difference reduction is obtained, then with the help pf W output mechanism,the cycloid gear rotates at low speed movement through the pin shaft,passed to the output shaft,low output speed can be achieved.

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